White Fox Group is part of the high-performing, highly-reputable Home Central Realty brokerage.  While White Fox Group has typically been more focused in the Commercial Real Estate sector, there are areas where we feel we can offer strong advantages to home buyers and sellers. Why? There are cycles in our economy which tend to lend opportunities which a home buyer/seller typically would not be aware. With many years of experience in most sectors of the Real Estate industry, we can lend an informed hand.

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"Sell My Home Now...or Wait Until This Crazy Market Cools?"

In any economy, there are opportunities. At present, you may already know this is a "Seller's Market", meaning the seller of a home has the upper hand because of the strong probability of receiving multiple offers. Therefore, this is an excellent time to sell your home. However, what then? Where will you move? And how much will your next home cost in these inflated times?

Residential SLB

Consider a "Sale-Leaseback" For Your Home

Simply stated, a Sale-Leaseback is when the current homeowner sells the home to an investor and remains as the tenant. This is not some mystical, unheard of sleight-of-hand. Corporations of all size use this tactic, such as CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Starbucks, McDonald's, and Home Depot.  It is also not unusual for major corporations to sell, then leaseback their own corporate offices.

If it works for major corporations, it can work for you!

Are you a good candidate for a Sale-Leaseback?

As the Owner/Seller of the property:

  • Would you like to consider selling your current home, but are unsure of the cost of your next home?


  • Could you make good use of the funds which would be freed-up from the sale of your home; such as retirement, for health needs, or pending foreclosure, as an alternative to a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit), or an alternative to a Reverse Mortgage?


  • A 12 month lease with a month-to-month renewal is standard in Residential rentals, but keep in mind; the longer you would be willing to commit to for the lease, the better.


  • Would you be open to negotiating the terms of the sale at the same time as the terms of the lease?


As the Investor/Buyer of the property:

  • Have you been looking for Residential investment property(ies), but finding it extremely difficult to find any in this crazy "Seller's Market"?


  • Would you prefer to have a committed Tenant who comes with the property, rather than an empty unit needing your attention to renovate before renting?


  • While most property types are appropriate for a Sale-Leaseback, such as medical, office, retail, and industrial; residential single-family homes are generally much easier to rent, with much shorter vacancy periods between tenants.


  • Would you be open to negotiating the terms of the purchase at the same time as the terms of the lease?

Keep in mind; the final terms of the lease are negotiated simultaneously with the terms of the sale. Therefore, if they do not fit the needs of EITHER party, the deal will not go forward.

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