Steve offers years of experience, and a deep history with the Central Ohio area. What he doesn’t know, he certainly will know where or who to contact for assistance. For a deeper list of his experience, visit the About Us page.

If you own, or are looking for commercial real estate, then you have found the right talent.


Our areas of commercial specialty include:

Multifamily Investments

Multifamily properties are residential units which provide housing to individuals and families. While this branch of real estate can be a grey area between the two broad segments; "Residential" and "Commercial", the defining component is the owner's intent of the property being for investment purposes rather than an owner-occupied residence. With this in mind, the investor's goals need to be focused towards maximizing their annual return, and the property’s future liquidation profit. This is clearly different from most homeowner’s intentions when buying their home.


One of our specialties, a Sale-Leaseback is a powerful tool to use for both business owners and real estate investors. Unless a company is in the business of real estate, they often are better off using that money for other purposes, such as to grow their business, or towards diversifying their financial Nest Egg.

Office & Retail

Whether you are a business seeking a retail or office space for your own operations, or you are an investor looking to acquire or sell such a property, we have the skills to assist. Let’s talk.

ExPatriats Real Estate Services

Are you a United States citizen living abroad? Would you like to keep some money working for you back here in the States? White Fox Group has the experience and expertise to help. With our skills in real estate, accounting and taxes, you have found the right group to guide you towards a strong real estate portfolio.

Industrial & Warehousing

This sector is absolutely booming here in the Central Ohio market. Heard about Intel Corporation coming to Central Ohio? There are solid reasons for this; an economically-diversified economy made up of private industry and government (of all levels), plus being located within hours of the midwest and east coast populations. This makes the central Ohio area a logistics center for the Midwest. According to the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, Logistics Council, “Columbus is your channel to the global Marketplace”.  

1031 Exchanges

Also known as a “Like-Kind Exchange”, real estate brokers, tax accountants and investors love to talk about 1031 Exchanges. True, they can be a very powerful tool. However, they can backfire on you. Use with full awareness.

Site Selection

Real estate licensure may be general to the entire state, but a key to site selection is knowing the local market. This knowledge, coupled with our client-centric approach allows White Fox Group to hone in on the best-fit properties for your needs.

Fee-Based Consulting

If advice, insight and guidance are what you are seeking, the folks at White Fox Group offer Fee-based consulting. While some might prefer the free advice from their distant cousin who sells a house now-and-then, professionals understand that spending a few dollars up-front can actually save thousands in the future.

Business Brokerage

A complimentary segment to CRE is Business Brokerage. Whether you are looking to sell your business, or seeking to find the perfect fit for you, White Fox Group can help.