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The members of White Fox Group offer expertise from different industries and backgrounds. Our skills compliment one-another while lending support to our real estate clients.




Our Story

While real estate may not be the "oldest profession" (yes, pun intended), it certainly has been around a long time. And, it is a major segment in our economy. Properly implemented, real estate should be a component of everyone's portfolio.

Meet Our Team

Steve Herb profile

Steve Herb

Founder & Lead Real Estate Specialist


With professional experience spanning over 30 years in the investment real estate sector, holding a degree in Real Estate and Finance from “The” Ohio State University, and experience in business brokerage, urban redevelopment, new media, advertising and marketing, Steve offers his clients a robust set of skills that only comes from education, time and commitment.







Christine Swindells

Certified Public Accountant

Christine is a Certified Public Accountant who has worked in the Accounting and Finance capacity for over 30 years.

At Christine Swindells CPA, LLC, you will receive years of experience. Serving a variety of clients that include real estate professionals, developers, or property managers. We are adept in real estate accounting and offer industry-specific services your business needs to stay on top of the marketplace and we understand that the real estate world moves quickly.

We can provide specialized real estate accounting services like cost segregation, 1031 exchanges, and passive activity deductions. We'll find practical solutions to minimize risk, cut costs, and sustain cash flow, so your business can remain profitable through seasonal shifts and dips in the economy. Our tax planning strategies will not only reduce your tax burden and increase profits, but will ensure you avoid transactions that could flag you for an audit.

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