The Third Wave book

Steve Case's Third Wave

Steve Case may not have coined the term “Third Wave”, but his 2016 book “The Third Wave” sure helped to bring to light where our world is heading; Living is a series of “Waves”, or “Transitions” from one Phase of Life to the next.

It can be daunting, or even a bit intimidating at times, but with the right attitude, and help, we can actually move into a better position to enjoy the next “Wave of Life”.

Waves of Life...

We don’t seem to realize it when we are younger, but life’s phases offer us different opportunities, and challenges. With these, we find our needs shift. For example, when it is just “Me”, a small studio efficiency apartment will be just fine. But then, we meet that “Perfect Match”, then along come the children. Not many families would be happy in that studio apartment with a Murphy bed. So we strive to buy that Dream Home with 2 floors and lots of doors, with a large grassy yard for the kids and dog to run in.

Parents waving goodbye to kids

But our Life-Phases are not over.

The kids have now grown, and begun their own independent lives. Now that Dream Home is becoming a burden; grass to cut, driveways to shovel, wasted utilities for unused rooms, property taxes for unneeded schools, losing connections with past-friends-parents who have moved on, and even perhaps growing tired of Ohio winters.

Whether you are moving into your early Life-Phases and looking for your first starter home, or in the Family-rearing phase, or now in your “Third Wave” as a Senior, looking to unload the baggage of maintaining the old family house, Steve can help.

We also have experience with other creative options for homeowners, such as a Sale-Leaseback of your present home; we find a buyer for your house, you pocket the money from the sale, and you remain in your home as the Tenant. This is very common in certain sectors of Investment Real Estate, but relatively unheard of in residential. Ask us about it. It may take the pain out of giving up the now-unneeded Family Home.

There are also more financial options these days, especially for Seniors; cash-out mortgages, and ways to put far-less money down on a home purchase, allowing you to use the extra funds for other needs.