Everyone has a sister, aunt, brother or cousin who has their real estate license. But does that truly qualify them to work the best deal for you?

Something that Steve has realized since buying his first home at 21…a double/twin single where he lived in half, and rented the other half out, and then dual-majored in “Real Estate and Urban Land Economics” and “Finance” at “TheOhio State University, was the fact that it is far too easy to get a license to sell real estate in Ohio.

After all, buying a home is the largest purchase most people will make in their lifetime, yet they are being guided by a “licensed agent” who too often cannot tell the difference between a hot water tank and a furnace….let alone being able to advise their client when they may be about to over-pay, or under accept, in that purchase.

Too many licensed agents do not have good negotiating skills to lend solid guidance to their clients.

Steve has “worn several hats” in his careers, all of which lend to his lifetime Real Estate career;

  • Personal Financial Planner with IDS/American Express1 (what is now Ameriprise Financial)

  • Owner/Publisher of two magazines (back when people actually read print publications)

  • Computer Systems Analyst for Abbott Labs, and later New Technologies Manager for The Columbus Dispatch, and managed the launch of advertising on the original Dispatch.com website (again, back when print was still “the Thing”)

  • Advertising and Marketing Manager for the Ohio State Bar Association (aka "OSBA" or "Ohio Bar") (and for his own publications)

  • Independent home renovations and sales…Now know as “House Flipper” (he should have launched a TV show 😊)

  • Broker/Manager of Satellite Operations for NAI Ohio Equities Commercial Real Estate

and now working with Home Central Realty and White Fox Group to draw on these years of wide-spectrum experience for his clients.

Over all these years, the one common theme since he was 21, has been real estate; either professionally, or maintaining his own homes and properties. Yes, he can explain to you the difference between a hot water tank and a furnace. He has even been known to rewire and replumb a house or two. 😊

1History of “IDS/American Express/Ameriprise”:  Note: Steve worked with “Alex Alexander” and his high-performing son in the Columbus office, and was invited to have lunch for a Roundtable with Harvey Golub, then President and CEO of IDS in his Minneapolis headquarters office. https://www.ameriprise.com/about/our-company/history