ExPats Real Estate Services

We Simplify a Typically Complicated Process...

As an American Citizen now living abroad, you likely understand the financial benefits of the US; a stable government, the “US Dollar” considered to be the “International Currency”, and a solid real estate market.

While there are countless places around the world which would love to have your investment monies, there are few that offer the safety and stability which the US offers. And, an ExPat can appreciate and understand these benefits, even while owning “Long-distance” investments.

How White Fox Group Helps ExPat Clients:

We get to know our client’s Long-term, Mid-term and Short-term goals, along with their current real estate investment holdings.  We gain an understanding of our client’s levels of risk tolerance, cash position, ability to borrow, and tax situation. And, we make sure their properties are properly managed.

White Fox Group understands those opportunities and challenges.  We have the expertise on the investment real estate side, plus the accounting skills offered by our Certified Professional Accountant (CPA).

Why Ohio?”, because the greater-central Ohio Market is booming:

Heard the latest about Ohio winning the Intel plant? This is huge news. Read more about Intel coming to central Ohio here

[ the link for that page: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/newsroom/resources/intel-invests-ohio.html#gs.1nphti    ]

Keep some money working for you back in the States while you live abroad. Contact us to explore options for your needs.

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