Before Remodel:

364 West Original kitchen

After Remodel (other side of property already done):

West Street Newly Renovated Kitchen Living Room from front door Kitchen and side-door Kitchen Pantry Bathroom Bedroom Closet

Located at 364 West Street, Groveport, Ohio.

We are seeking a contractor to remodel the 364 side to the same level as recently-completed side next door.

Here is what we need done

(The 366 side was recently completed, and is now rented. This is simply an overview of the major work needed. If you are interested, feel you could handle this project, and would be available to begin and complete the project reasonably soon, then contact me to discuss. Contact info below)

Work Needed Highlights

Remove old cabinets and replace with new cabinets, countertop and sink

Remove old tile backsplash and replace with same, or similar, to 366 side

Install 4 can LED lights in ceiling above countertop with dimmer switch by sink

Install garbage disposal and switch

         Ceiling lights changed out with new fixtures

          Replace interior kitchen pantry door with bifold door

          Replace interior bedroom sliding doors with bifold doors

          Enlarge attic access hatch and install new drop-in panel

          Block in 5 floor register vents to reduce down to 10X4 inches


Replace interior bathroom door

Remove wall medicine cabinet/mirror, patch with drywall and install wall-mounted pivot mirror

Change-out existing wall and ceiling lights with new fixtures


White ceiling

Light grey walls

White semigloss doors and trim

Front concrete floor/step needs repaired or replaced. (located at entrance to both front doors)


All materials will be supplied by owner. Major order (cabinets, doors, paints, etc) will be delivered by owner to job site. Incidentals may need picked up by contractor.)

Flooring is not part of this. Contractor has been selected.

Be sure to clarify in Bid how unforeseen or additional tasks will be charged for.

Be sure Bid specifies a Start date, and Completion Date.

Time is flexible, but important.

If interested, let Steve know and a walk-through can be scheduled before writing specifics of your Bid.


Voice/Text (texting preferred): 740-334-1018